R.I.P. Robert Molner, founder of Wide World of Maps, Inc.
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Africa Travel Reference Map ITMB 1:5,000,000

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Finally! This is the most innovative map we've published in years! This is the first proper digital data base map of Africa ever published that covers the entire continent from top to bottom and east to west. Now, I'm the first to admit that mapping all of the African continent is far too challenging a task to be completed in a 1st edition. At 1:5 Million scale, detail may be lacking. Pleased though we are with the result, please note that it is on a much larger sheet than all other maps ITMB has published except our South America map. Printing/shipping costs are somewhat higher than normal as a result and we have been forced to add a dollar and a Euro to the suggested retail price. Please also note that ALL of Africa is portrayed, including the off-lying islands of Cape Verde, the Canaries, Madeira, Socotra, the Comoros, and Madagascar. Although we have shown areas of border dispute, we show boundaries as they ARE, not as various powers want them to be. Finally, we have used English or French names or names commonly known in English throughout the map. We are map makers, not panderers to political correctness, and refuse to call Cairo anything except Cairo. Generally speaking, place names in Africa have a common nomenclature in varying languages, so Cote d'Ivoire is easily recognizable as Ivory Coast and Khartoum is Khartoum.

  • 1st edition
  • Sep 30, 2013
  • Two-sided, self-cover, paper/non-laminated folded map

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